Ring 3 missed notification

Hi I have just installed a ring 3 all notification are turned on and when I am home I never get notification to say someone is at my door when I leave home it works every time my wife is a second user and she gets notification every time we have the same model phone same network etc I’ve logged in and out I don’t know how many times any advice appreciated

If you have an Android phone I’d suggest clearing the cache at a minimum, or storage (will require re-login).
Don’t know if iOS has similar or not. It may require uninstalling app completely and then reinstalling.

But that doesn’t explain why it works perfect when I am not home

Any time I have an issue with an app on my phone I at least clear the cache as a first step. More times than not it fixes the issue. If it doesn’t then I move on to other steps.

If it fixes your issue, then great. If it doesn’t you’ll have to try other troubleshooting. All you’ll lose it a few moments of your time.

Good luck.

I’ve done it but no better

Hi @Strangey. Do you have the Geofence feature turned on? It sounds what you are experiencing is due to the Geofence. You can learn more about this feature here.