Ring #3 doorbell warning: if you live anywhere it goes below freezing (32f) read this first before you buy!

I seldom leave any review let alone a bad one but this is a big warning to anyone looking at this. Overall this could have been a great product, had they not lied about what temperature it can operate. The battery on this will not stay charged EVEN if hardwired below 32F !!! After my second warning for low battery I started checking. Everybody all the sudden is having the same problem. It would appear despite the specifications on this page and on Rings own site all the sudden they have figured out that it wont work or charge in the cold!!! The webpage (I saved before they remove it after my angry phone call with Ring tech support, trying to deny it said this) is right here:

Ring's General FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions – Ring Help.

It would appear as the failures came in they created a cold weather page to dance around this:

Cold Weather and Battery-Powered Ring Doorbells – Ring Help.

This is absolute false advertising and the worst part is they tried to tell me to buy a more expensive model. Well guess what I might had if they had TOLD ME it wouldn’t work in the cold. The customer support rep said you must live somewhere cold in the US, I said Jesus man half the US can go below freezing this isn’t New Deli.

So, if you live anywhere it can freeze do not buy this, unless you want low battery warning with your hardwired supposed to charge ring door bell. You will be wasting your money. At the very least this should be upgraded for free to a unit that CAN operate at the temperatures listed.!

Screenshot from there two webpages contradicting their sales specs.


Thank you for sharing this information with the Community, @Boomer2298! I wanted to provide some clarification on this information, as it will certainly help other neighbors who live in colder environments.

The Cold Weather help center article references mostly battery charging impact, rather than the full operation, although that is also noted in the article. The temperature you are seeing on the product sales page is a required operating temperature range. This means, you may have your battery-powered Doorbell in 32 degrees Fahrenheit, for instance, and while the Video Doorbell will likely operate it’s key features, the battery itself might not hold a charge.

This is not unique to Ring devices and is simply a common variable with most lithium-ion batteries, as mentioned in the above article. Battery charge temperature recommendations and operating temperature requirements are indeed different in nature, and differs by device.

The image from the product page of a Camera showing a different operating temperature is likely coming from our Stick Up Camera Plug-In. While some of our Cameras will have a slightly wider range of required operating temperature, such as our Floodlight Camera, other Camera models might have the option for a battery, thus the operating temperature will often be based on that factor. If you live in a colder region, it is recommended to check operating temperature requirements for each device and choose wired options, when possible, for the best experience. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My camera and video doorbell are dead and no charging, weather is below zero but this is time of year I need these when being away from home. What is solution for cold weather?

Ring this is shocking and disappointing information. These products are designed to be mounted outdoors. Mine is connected to hardwire power and the fact that these units STOP Charging below a certain temperature is just amazing. It’s too late for me I made this investment but I hope others looking at this product learn from my mistake. If you live where it’s cold in the USA think twice about this investment. Just a horrible flaw and design defect!

From what I’ve been reading it sounds like your only alternative is to find a different product. Sad news for sure.

very bad service, should be a battery for cold weather operation