Ring 3 doorbell, Solar Status: Not Connected

I recently installed the subject doorbell and solar panel. The ring app Device Health menu shows Not Connected. I installed it on 1/1/21, so the doorbell has been in operation for 3-days. The settings are set close to those recommended for minimal power usage. The battery is at 94% (it was ~97% when doorbell/solar mounted outside). I am not sure if the doorbell is receiving solar power and the app is not recognizing it, or if the solar panel is defective, or other. I’ve read several posts from the Sep-Oct 2020 time frame. I reinstalled the Ring app on my Android phone (nothing changed). Some posts indicated that it may take several days (or weeks) for the app to register the solar panel. No definitive answers have been provided, so I am not sure what to do (other than wait). Suggestions?

Hi there, @Eaug9th! To best ensure that your Solar Charger is providing an effective charge, check out our Community post about battery drain for tips on optimizing battery usage. Most importantly, please ensure the Solar charger is receiving several hours of direct sunlight daily. Once you’ve optimized your device for battery preservation and allowing the Solar Charger to be most effective, please monitor the battery level over time, especially once it reaches below 90% as a charge will be most noticeable. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: