Ring 3 Doorbell install - 4 feet?

I am having problems positioning my new Ring 3 plus doorbell. I have not yet drilled the holes as it is a one shot deal (into masonry).

My front door is 11 inches above the driveway/ground (up one step). Certainly positioning the doorbell camera 4 feet from the ground is way too low (would be only 3 feet 1 inch or about crotch level) , so I assume that means 4 feet from the bottom of a persons feet standing at the door correct?

Next problem is that if I do go to 4 feet up from bottom of feet standing at door, my head is cut off in the video because I am 74 inches/ 6 feet 2 inches tall. Angling it down with wedge makes it worse. Do people angle it up in this scenario or does that affect motion detection. The street is about 40 feet from front door with typical suburban driveway. All the information I see is never to go above 48 inches due to motion detection issues.

Appreciate any help you could give.

I don’t know if this would help but I just installed one yesterday and had the same dilemma. Mine is at a doorway coming in from a garage. Here’s the kicker. The doorway is at the top of a long handicap ramp. Top of ramp is about 3’ above the garage door. Since I’m standing on an inclination I was getting pretty stressed about the 4’ thing myself. On top of that there’s an existing garage door control where this things going. It’s hardwired in and certainly would have been an overkill to have someone come in and relocate that. And you probably guessed. Yep it was almost 4’ above where I’m standing at the top of the ramp. Lol.
After worrying and thinking about it about 1/2 a day I decided to just turn the darn thing on as I held it against the wall and I could of course see myself and had the wife walking around and up and down The ramp.
Then i remembered I’d have to locate it even higher above Rhe door control so I could change the battery out. Doorbell 3 btw.
After watching that a little while I wound up putting it the length of the little screwdriver above that control. I can fo measure if you like but it’s quite higher than the 4’. BUT I’ll be dog gone if I’m not seeing everything almost and really like it. So I guess I’m suggesting do the same and don’t stress over that magical 4’. It certainly didn’t apply here. I’ll try and add a pic of the view below. Good luck !

Ok I had to go check. Lol. The top of my unit is 57”. Below is a pic of me standing at the door and one of me 3’ lower about 12’ back standing on the garage floor.
I’ll bet you can ease your mind by just checking it out.
Hope this helps. Oh. Please excuse my appearance. I’m ‘Down for the night’. Lol.

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Thank you Arkar. So I do understand that raising it up will give better visibility higher so that my head isn’t cut off, but my concern is, that the motion detection will be too far i.e., into the street, which is about 40 feet from the door. They don’t really say how far out the motion detection goes, but that it is straight out from the camera lens assuming a flat-against- the-building install. Does anyone know how far out the motion detection goes?

Hmm. I don’t know exactly how far but I tweaked mine to pretty much just cover the ramp. But I AM still making tweaks ever so often. Haven’t got it perfect yet.
I’m using the advanced motion zone setting. It allows me to run it down to almost to the end of the ramp and a little to the right. Avoids everything else.
I imagine using the advanced one you should be able to keep it back off the busy street?
Good luck !

Hey. I was looking at some other stuff and actually found in a couple of places. Ring specs is about 30’ max for optimum motion and apparently that’s with almost everything perfect.
I have two cameras that are about 34’ from a couple of walls and I’ve had a bear of a time keeping them working halfway decent. Evidentially I’m a little over what they’re suppose to do. May have to try and relocate a little closer. Thirty feet I think is the number you’re hunting.

Ok thanks. Actually the trick was to adjust the motion zone. Indeed without adjustment at 54" height it picked up cars easily. With adjustment it does not. I jury rigged something to temporarily tape it to my house so that helped tremendously. So I think I am all set thanks for your help!

You’re very welcome!
Feels good to have maybe helped for a change. Lol.

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