Ring 3 doorbell - AC connection


I would like to ask how to connect to Ring doorbell V3 to an AC adapter that is designed for doorbells.

I have not yet connected the doorbell to the AC voltage yet, but i read here and there there is a need of a resistor for safety??? Can someone explain this please?

  • If it is needed, where do i buy it?

  • What type?

  • Should it be placed in serial in between one of the two wire’s in the connection?

  • Can i put that resistor close to the AC transformer? Or does it need to be placed close to the doorbell? (this option is not really possible, since i cannot put the resistor somewhere safe, unless in the wall, or plastic box of the ring doorbell, what is a bad idea imo.

For your information, this is the transformer i would like to use:
It also notes that there is a cutoff in case of short circuit, do i still need that resistor?
“After an overload or a short ciruit cut off input for 5 minutes.”

So this is an 12VA transformer, is this enough for the doorbell ?

If this transformer is not good, what transformer do u guys advice, and do i still need that resistor then.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Thomasvd. If you are wanting to install your Doorbell 3 directly to a low-voltage transformer, without a pre-existing doorbell, then you’ll want to reference this Help Center Article here. A resistor is not needed in this configuration, and you’ll want to consult a licensed electrician for any wiring assistance. The transformer must be a low voltage 8-24V AC transformer. I hope that helps clarify things for you! :slight_smile: