Ring 3 & chime internet connections

WiFi to chime using the inter grated booster then to doorbell which I thought would have been great.

My internet box is in the back room so chime is in hall and then doorbell outside but chime is place in the middle of both to revive good connections

My issues are that signal strength to the chime always coming up saying poor connection but my doorbell has never said this, checked this morning when internet use is at minimum still says it but then can be fine other times.

My signal strength to chime has at best been -65 now running at -70 at time of typing

Doorbell strength at best been -51 currently -57 at time of typing.

The door in between box to chime is always open to get best connection aswell , can’t really move the internet box as wire is short and nowhere to put elsewhere in room but if chime can’t reach from front room to doorbell what other options are there?

Hi @Josh10. I would first check to see if there is anything that could cause wifi interference. This could be the cause of your concern. You may also want to check your ports and protocols as outlined in this Help Center article here. I hope this information is helpful.