Ring (2nd Gen) Worked Before Install, but not after

Got a Ring (2nd Generation) for Christmas. Before installing, I downloaded the app for my android phone and for my Windows 10 computer. I followed all the directions for charging the bell, and setting up with my WiFi. Everything worked fine. Ring would notify me by phone and by PC every time someone walked by my computer desk, and the live view and mic/speakers all worked fine.

As I was installing today, replacing my existing doorbell, I cut the breaker to the doorbell, removed the doorbell, and connected the two wires to my Ring. As I connected the 2nd wire, suddenly my Ring announced that it was in setup mode. I finished installation, but then could not get Ring and my phone to communicate. The Ring circle of light was white and spinning. However, my phone told me the device was healthy and all was well, connected, and congrats!

I then opened the app on my computer, tapped “Live,” and got a short message “activating.” About 5 seconds later, live view worked. However, ringing the bell did not ring my existing bells in my house (mechanical, not electronic chimes) and I could not hear my wife when she spoke (should could hear me through the Ring, though.

I went back to my phone, and live was working, but with the same issues. No bell, no voice.

What’s my next step? My Ring came with a separate chime to plug in to a wall outlet. If I use that, do I also disconnect the original doorbell wires from Ring? I really didn’t want to have to do the wireless if possible, 'cause I know me, and I’ll forget to get around to charging the thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice you have for me!

If it were me - I would start simple (really simple) and build upon success. I would record (on paper) changes I make and at some point when something does not work, I would back out my most recent change and make sure I am still at a point where everything that was working is working once again.

Personally - I would start by taking the windows computer out of the picture and getting wireless to work first.

If everything is not setup correctly, the information you glean from the app will not be accurate.

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Thanks. Great thoughts. I think I may have pressed the orange setup button while I was attaching the doorbell wires. After about 20 minutes, almost everything started working perfectly. The only thing not working is my pre-existing doorbell, so I set up and plugged in the Chime that came with my Ring. I’m sure it’s got something to do with the list of non-compatible doorbells I read about. My doorbell came with the house, is 21 years old, no brand name on the box that I can see, is mounted out of reach over my stairs, and I don’t have the type of ladder that will give me access to the box. Therefore, since the Chime is working, I’ll live with that.

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