Ring 2nd Gen - Wiring to doorbell with speaker

We recently got a Ring Doorbell2nd Generation and I went to wire it today but ran into an issue.

The house was built in '93 and has a doorbell with a speaker. When I went to wire it in, there are more than two wires.

There is a green, white, red and black. The green and white go to the button and the red and black go to the speaker. I think I would use the green and white wires and just cap off the black and red? I’m not 100% sure so wanted to ask here if anybody has ran into this particular situation.

Hopefully the picture uploaded so you can see what I have.

Worst case is I will just remove the doorbell and purchase a Chime but I’d rather use the existing house chime.

Hi @DMax3.0TN. The Video Doorbell 2nd Gen is likely not compatible with the chime you have, given that it appears to be an intercom system with a speaker and the Doorbell is not compatible with chime/intercom systems. You can find a list of compatible digital and mechanical chime kits here to help you decide on a replacement chime.

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