Ring 2nd Gen not connecting to new WiFi


We recently had new WiFi installed and the ring cam hasn’t been able to connect to the new WiFi at all. The chime connected immediately - am I missing something? Is it something to do with the 5GHz connectivity? (Not really sure I understand this but I saw a post mention the 5GHz). Surely I don’t have to buy a new ring cam to match the new wifi?


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Hi @user38144. The Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen is not compatible with a 5.0 GHz network. You’ll need to use a 2.4GHz network to connect it to the internet. I hope this helps.

I to have problems with ring doorbell 2gen. It is clear that theses doorbells are incompatible with 5 g network. But the unfortunate deal is that it fails intermittently even with a 2.4/5 g network. I called ring support 3 times trying to fix the problem after getting new network which included 5g. It appears that these doorbells are gonna have to be replaced with an upgraded doorbell that is compatible with 5 g network. This is outrageous that Ring didn’t have foresight to know that this technology would have this problem. No doubt in my mind Ring knew and is planning to profit BIG TIME with all the upgrades.

Hi @user39559. That is because the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Gen is not compatible with a 5.0GHz network. It is only compatible with 2.4GHz networks. With a dual-band router, you can try creating a guest network that utilizes only 2.4GHz to connect the Doorbell to. This can help clear up intermittent connection issues. If you need assistance creating a guest network on your router, I’d recommend contacting your internet service provider.

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