Ring 2020 (wireless) only works when it feels like it

Just bought the Ring 2020 model and have had zero success in getting it to work properly with the exception of whenever someone presses it. I have played with every single option on the app possible from turning off People Only Mode, playing with the Mode Settings, to maxing out the sensitivity but someone can literally stand in front of the camera for a minute and it still won’t activate motion and record.

Initially, when I installed it it worked fine and even detected an air freshener activating as being “motion” but after Day 1 out of the handful of times my neighbor and I have left our apartments and returned I have maybe gotten 2 notifications. Even despite improving the wifi connection after dragging my router extension a few feet away to give it a “clean bill of health” under the Health Report the camera still doesn’t work.

For clarification, the wires from my doorbell are broken so I don’t have the luxury of wiring it should be the magic solution. Unless there is some huge secret I am not aware of to get it to work, I’m honestly on the verge of returning it.

Hi @JM91. This seems very odd. Can you upload a picture or screenshot of how the Doorbell is mounted? This could be the cause for poor motion detection. This Community article here has information on how to optimize your Motion Detection. Let me know if this helps!