Ring 2020 No Longer Working

Hi All,

I’ve done a bunch of troubleshooting and contacted Ring support, but all solutions have been extremely temporary - meaning only for an hour or two.

After just over a year of use with no prior issues, roughly 2 weeks ago I noticed my doorbell is not cooperating. I cannot view “live view” and its not notifying me of any motion even when I’m directly in front of the doorbell. It will sometimes, very rarely, detect a person at my door or show that someone’s rung the doorbell. Wifi looks to be fine, nothing in my home or internet changed, its just the doorbell started acting weird. It will then just lose wifi connectivity entirely and sometimes reconnect on its own but still wont show me anything.

I’ve reconnected the device network, powered down my entire home for 30+ seconds, factory reset it, I’ve done everything I could think of and/or read - yet it’ll temporarily work and then revert to this issue. I’ve cleared the cache on my phones Ring app and even uninstalled/reinstalled it, but it hasn’t changed anything, so I believe it’s an issue with the doorbell itself.

I’ve attached screenshots of the Device Health, which always looks to be good. I’ve had gigabit internet all along and I have a Ring Spotlight camera that’s battery-operated and much further away from my modem than my hardwired doorbell is, yet that’s never had an issue.

An additional issue is that the time stamp is showing the wrong time zone. I’m located in EST but the app is showing something entirely different.

If anyone can provide assistance, it would be greatly appreciated as I’ve run out of ideas!

Try a new battery or at a minimum swap in a battery from another device if they are compatible.