Ring 2020 Doorbell does not chime Mechanical doorbell

I have a new Ring Doorbell 2020 and trying to wire it with my existing doorbell. When I press the doorbell, my mechanical chime inside home won’t ring fully. I could see striker is stuck or vibrating when between the chimes to ding-dong. Something like this in Video
chime vibrates Striker hits bottom chime plate, but takes about 20sec to hit the top plate. Vibrates the whole time.
I swapped the wires, checked my transformer(16V 10VA), checked bell still no use. Mechanical chime works just fine with normal doorbell button. Also, in the Ring app, it says “Ring Doorbell is not receiving power from your doorbell system”
How to solve this problem? Is there not enough power for striker to operate normally?

Hey @Optimusring536! It looks like you have sufficient power for this to work. Check out our Chime Compatibility List to ensure the chime kit will work with your Video Doorbell. There is also an in-home chime kit setting in the Ring app, that will allow you to select the intended chime kit type by:

  • Open the Ring app
  • Visit the Menu
  • Select Devices
  • Choose your Video Doorbell
  • Select Device Settings

There you should see the chime type settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: