Ring 2

I’ve just recently installed the Ring Doorbell 2, first I love the video clarity. I was actually quite surprised at how clear it really is.

I seem to be having issues with it’s sensativity. I live on a very busy street and have the motion zones pulled in to minum. The street where traffic is, is about 25 feet from the Ring doorbell. I have the distance from house set at 30 feet and the motion zone at the minimum there as well, but I still get notifications every time a vehicle drives by. What am I missing?

Hey @Wildcats_124, since you already have the motion settings are low as they could be, you may have to look into positioning the Doorbell so that it doesn’t face the street. Check out our Community post about how these devices detect motion to learn more. In addition, are you able to possibly install a Wedge Kit or Corner Kit so that you can achieve this?

I installed the wedge kit to where it aims more up. I guess I could try flipping the wedge so the camera angle more down.

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