Ring 2 Wiring Issue

Hey Everyone!

I am having trouble hardwiring my mom’s Ring Video Doorbell 2. Prior to my stepdad passing away, he had set it up and I have to believe it was hardwired since it was done nearly 1 1/2 years ago and the battery was never charged after it was up. Long story short, I am not sure how he wired it and can not figure out for the life of me how to do it. There are four wires coming out of the wall. Prior to the Ring, they had a doorbell with a communication component to it. In the picture attached, the blue wire is solo. The reasoning behind it is, if any of the other 3 wires touch it, they set off the doorbell to constantly ring and it won’t stop ringing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @gwyatt! Thank you for that picture example and breakdown of installation. It sounds like this was a possible intercom type of system prior, in which our Video Doorbells are often not compatible with. Check out our Chime Compatibility List to see which chimes will work with your Doorbell 2.

As there are 4 wires at your door, keep in mind a wiring configuration of 2 standard gauge wires running from an 8 to 24 VAC transformer to your Doorbell is the installation requirement for this to work as intended. If your chime kit is incompatible, there is always the option to bypass it, which should also eliminate 2 of those wires. Check out our help center article about bypassing for more information. :slight_smile: