Ring 2 throwing up motion notifications every few minutes

My ring is giving me motion notifications constantly when there’s nothing outside, like every four minutes, sometimes every minute. I’ve had to swap out batteries every day for the past three days when I usually have to change it once a week. I made no changes to the device to precipitate this, and keep changing the settings since it started, but nothing stops it. I’m about to lose my mind and throw the thing out, I’m paying $6/month for this crap. Anyone have a fix for this?

Nothing, but thanks for the advice.

Hi @gaBD. This is most likely due to the Motion Settings on your Doorbell or how the Doorbell is mounted. Try the tips and tricks listed in this Community article here and let me know if this helps!

That was the first sign that my ring had been hacked. I would change your password just to be safe.

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