Ring 2 Solar doesn’t charge

Just got this device been using it for 5 days or so and it’s in sunlight doesn’t keep any sort of positive charge. I don’t think it’s reasonable to pay 5 bucks to have a product refunded if it doesn’t work as advertised please help

i dont know if the wrong item was sent but the wall mount holes requires me to drill new ones so i dont know if this was normal or not. The connection was fine but the mount was not as the original one was so i had to redrill two holes to accomindate the new fit.

Hi @Hamtaro! The Video Doorbell solar charger is a bracket in nature. This means that it may require new holes for securely mounting to the wall to hold your Video Doorbell securely. It’s best to ensure the Doorbell fits on the bracket as intended, and if so, then you’ve certainly got the right model! If you are still having troubles, feel free to let us know and attach a pic for visual. :slight_smile:

Hello is there any way on the app to see if the solar is even working as I’m never getting a positive charge in direct sunlight

There sure is @Hamtaro! The device health section in your Ring app will show your battery level. While there is a power source section, the solar charger bracket will not show here, it will still reflect “battery”. The best way to truly see this working is monitor over time to confirm the battery charge is increasing. During the monitoring phase please maximize direct sunlight and minimize motion events and live view. This will help to emphasize the charge being applied, most. :slight_smile:

Hi there is a solar status but it’s saying : Extend Battery Life with Ring Solar Charger.
Even though it is connected

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Thanks for the update @Hamtaro! This is actually just an advertising message, or suggestion to add a solar accessory. If this is showing up, rest assure it is not indicating any issue with your Solar Charger. While your Doorbell solar charging bracket may not display in device health, the best way to notice it’s charge is over time with battery percentage. :slight_smile: