Ring 2 rings the existing doorbell constantly.

I just installed my new Ring 2. Everything went fine, but when we tried it the first time, the existing electronic chime rang repeatedly. I switched the diode and it didn’t work at all so it seems I had it installed correctly the first time. Any ideas?

Hey @FlyinSOB. What chime kit do you have? You can find the limit of compatible chimes for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 here!

Thanks for the reply. I’m an old (really old) electrician and electronics tech so I just disconnected the power to the chime. Everything is fine. We hear the motion and doorbell alerts through our iPhones and iPads and all is well.

While I had the chime out to disconnect the power, I looked it over for marking and it had no make or model info - just technical info for the installer.

Thanks again.

Bill Foraker

Happy Ring user

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