Ring 2 Reduce Sunlight Glare

Is there any method to reduce the light glare on the camera? During the day the glare makes it almost impossible to see the person because of the backlighting.

Hi @caseyland, have you tried using a wedge kit? If you position the camera’s FOV downwards at an angle, it may help to avoid the sky and improve lens adjustment.

Thank, I have the wedge already in place. We have a walkway to the house that is fairly covered so it is darker and think it is trying to adjust for it.

I am having the same issue. I have tried everything. Wedges, polarized lens nothing helps. Called customer support, offered no solutions. I hate to switch to another brand, but worthless if I cant see the person at the door.

I ended up having to move it around the corner on our walk way, now it doesn’t face that house and the glare yet I cannot see anyone walking up now. Kinda negates the point of having it. I can only get a glance of anyone at the door, such as dropping off packages and if someone tries to steal them.

@Chelsea: I think this should a straightforward software fix for one of your developers right?

If the “image” has a bright “spot”/“halo”/“region”, then we just have to identify the region and change the gains there.

I started observing this in our new place, and saw that many of your customers have similar issues. I believe, investing some developer-time on this would be much appreciated by many folks.


I have the same issue with the bright backlighting during the day. The software solution seems to be a given, I hope they are working on it.

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I just installed my new ring2 doorbell and the camera SUCKS! The glare is just like the pic that you have posted here. I have the same set up on my front porch. Lawn guy came today and I couldnt even make his face out when he came to the door. The glare from outside the porch overrides the subject matter… There needs to be a work around, bandaid in place for this issue if there are common issues on this… Get it together RING… Product sucks…

I have a Peephole video doorbell because we could not use the normal one.

This glare is a huge problem, even if it is just starting to be daylight because we have a porch, that is covered.

So it is pretty dark under there, so the light makes it brighter…

We cannot move it, because it is in the peephole.

What can we do?
I attached a picture of how even in the evening time, you cannot see past the end of the porch.

At least we can see people when they get under the porch, but not past it.
At night, we can see even across the street. We just wish it would be that way during the day too.

Hi @bizactuator. With the Peephole cam, there is no way to angle or relocate the Doorbell. Unfortunately, there is nothing else we can do to mitigate the environmental conditions of your home. If you find something that works for you, please let us know.