Ring 2 Re-Install After Six Months In The Box

Installed new Ring 2 doorbell in Jan 2020… Put our home for sale in Feb 2020… Removed the Ring (planned on taking the Ring with us to the next home. The home did not sell and we took it off the market. I re-installed the Ring . The motion detect and alarm only works if someone is within 8 - 10 feet of the device. It used to pickup motion 30 + feet away on the road which is what I want. I have changed all the settings to all the different options, set my options to match my neighbors across the street who’s works fine, charged the battery, reloaded the app on my phone, completed the set up process twice & still not working the way it did on the initial first install. We tried calling the “customer no service” number but get hung up when the recording asks for a pin number. Where do you get a pin number? This whole process could be so much simpler if you could just call a number and get a English speaking Associate to walk you through a solution. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated.

Hi @Kerns. The Doorbell is designed to detect motion close to your door rather than far out in the street, otherwise it would record every car that passed by and would drain the battery rather quickly. As long as the Doorbell is alerting you to visitors at your door, it does appear to be functioning as intended. You can read more about how the motion detection works in our battery-operated devices, such as the Doorbell 2, in this Help Center Article. I hope this helps clear up the expectations of how our Doorbells are designed to work.

So based on your response, when I installed the ring the first time on Jan 2020 it must not have been working properly because (it did) pick up street activity which is what I wanted !!!