Ring 2 porch light glare *link attached*

Recently installed a ring 2 doorbell but I’m getting an awful glare from the porch light. I’ve tried the angle bracket, put a piece of black electrical tape on the side (saw it on another post) and also tried adjusting a piece of cardboard around it to reflect the light, but having no luck at all.

Any ideas???



Hi @DJ1023! It seems like you’ve tried a lot of different options to reduce this glare. If at all possible, have you tried moving your Doorbell to the other side of your door? Maybe the further away it is from this light, the less glare there will be!

I had a similar problem and had to adjust the camera mount so that it was pointed down and away from the light. It was fairly easy for me because mine is attached to wood and I could easily modify it. Yours appears to be attached to bricks. So you will have to get creative.

You should have gotten some mounting wedges along with the doorbell. If you use them both together you can make the camera point down and away. Don’t know if that would be enough.

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