Ring 2 not detecting or recordings motions

Only bough last weekend. Very disappointed. Working fine til yesterday morning 8am then nothing. Fully charged have treble checked internet connection and even reset it. Says online on the app as does the ring chime but that’s not working either. To me it was a lot of money to spend but I had hoped it would make me feel a little more secure as a single parent ???

Same here…now what

Now the stupid thing just keeps saying offline but refusing point blank to reconnect to the internet. Lost count of the number of tries I have had Seems to me Ivebeenrobbed of lots of money for something that doesn’t work. No I haven’t entered the wrong WiFi. Code and yes I do have a strong connection. The chime also has says online. Anyone know how to get hold of. Person at ring?

I’ve been playing with my Ring 2 doorbell 2020 device for going on 2 weeks now. I’m going to jinx it but at this moment it would appear to be working good. I’ve had a lot of problems. For one thing - there are times during the day/week it works better than others, probably due to the network congestion (?) in our neighborhood.

The first thing I would try is bring everything together in one room and get that to work. Do a ‘live view’ and immediately after look at the RSSI reading in ‘device health’. If it is bad when the doorbell is close to the router, it is not going to get any better. Next I would move the doorbell further away from the router. Do a ‘live view’ and another ‘device health’. How is the RSSI reading. Live View is the key. Otherwise the app will show you stale data under device health.