Ring 2 not charging on hardwire

I hardwired my Ring 2 and it does not charge my battery. Since yesterday, the life has dropped 6% which seems higher than it would have otherwise. The device health shows proper connection and is identified as “hardwired”. Power status says “very good”. I’ve read online some units had issues charging. Is there anything that can be done with mine?

Hi @organix. Since your Device Health section shows that the device is hardwired and getting power from the external source, it should be charging your Doorbell. Are you have an excessive amount of events, including motion, Live View and dings? If you are having more than 10 events a day, this could be why your device is still discharging despite the hardwired power. Please note that the hardwiring helps keep the device charged with a trickle charge into the battery, so having an excessive amount of activity on the device will still drain the battery.

I’m having the same issue, what did you do to resolve this? I have a ring 2 and seems since all of this update I went from never having to change the battery to now changing the battery every two weeks