Ring 2 No Wifi

"Hi I purchased Ring 2 from your site a couple of weeks ago, But i have a problem where i want to put the Ring is on my Front fence which is 20 metres from the house so no wifi I have a Cat 6 Cable up to there and Also power up to it, Have i got the wrong type of ring phone or can you suggest a wireless hookup, Would welcome any suggestions you may have, Thank You,

Hi @Geofftel. The Ring Doorbell is reliant on a wifi connection. Depending on the strength of your wifi at the location you are placing the Doorbell, you may or may not be able to establish a steady connection to wifi. If you are running a cat 6 cable at that location, you may want to look into a Ring Elite because this device is capable of running on PoE. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Many Thanks Tom