Ring 2 looses connection

One of my two Ring 2s looses connection every couple of weeks. Close to the router. Signal streanth is good when connected. It just looses connection. No longer on the client list. Reboot the router or the ring does not reconnect. Have to do a hard reset and set up again. Works then. A couple of weeks later, it looses the connection again.

I have the same issue, it seems there is a hardware issue but I haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone with Ring

This was a second “referbished” one. I ended up just buying a new one. It seems to work great just like one on my other door. Costco has them for $100 with 1 year ring plus ($100) so my net cost was about $6 in taxes. Actually about $40 since I was just subscibed to two basic plans before.