Ring 2 Issue - Right Out Of the Box

I just installed the Ring 2 doorbell last night as per the instructions. It mounted fine, paired with my WiFi fine and the doorbell feature works fine.

I’ve played with the settings and adjusted them and have not fou8nd a solution to the issue.

The issue is, I’m getting constant notifications of motion detection. There is zero activity out the front of my house, yet my phone notifies me over motion. I turned the zone setting down to the very minimum and yet I’m still getting notifications of motion. There’s nothing out there, not even a leaf blowing down the street and I’m alerted.

Here’s the funny part: I go out my back door, down my driveway and walk up the front steps and I get no notification. Again, I messed with the settings. It alerts me for no activity and when an actual human walks up the stairs…nothing.

I’m pretty sure this defeats the entire purpose of why I bought this thing. I will call customer service once the battery charges (again) and see if they can help me troubleshoot this.

I’ve had it installed for less than a day now and so far, nothing but grief. If this thing can’t detect my presence when walking right up the front stairs then I’m pretty sure I’m not going to even think about keeping it. Pretty frustrating to get a notification and look out and see nothing and then doesn’t even detect me walking up to the door.

I have yet to see any notification from mine - I wouldn’t even know what a notification looked like. I think you could walk up and tear it off the wall and it would sleep right through it. Am now examining competing alternatives due to this seeming to be quite common.

What is your motion frequency set to?

I’ve tried frequent and standard.

If you’ve set up the device on a staircase, try using the included wedge kit to angle down the motion sensor a bit.

I agree with MrDoorKeeper, you might need to install the wedge.