Ring 2 hates me

Had it working. It was not as easy as they made it look to set up but I finally got it going. Took the battery out to charge it, plugged it back it. And it stopped working. Ok, time for set up again. Tried that. Now it won’t finish set up. I get to the internet section and it laughs at me. The blue lights circle up, then 2 white lights blink at top. Message says I must have the password wrong. Hey lack of intelligent form! There is no password! So I tried the router with the password (yes I typed it in correctly) and again same light situation. At this point I think its just showing off it can blink at me. Either way. I’m frustrated and extremely close to returning it if Ring doesn’t step in to help me out here. Oh and yes, my internet works. I have Alexa and that mouthy lady is talking all the time. So don’t think thats the situation.

Hey @Smallpkgtnt. Thank you for taking the time to describe your experience here. I’m sorry you seem to have been fighting back and forth with your Doorbell, lets get it to love you! I assume you still have not been able to set up the device, so let’s ensure we reset it to start over fresh with it. Press press and hold down the setup button for 30 seconds, as this will reset the Doorbell. Then leave it to the side for a couple minutes, and let’s make some adjustments on your router, as it seems to be unable to connect to the network.

You may need to reach out to your ISP for this, but please ensure you have all ports and protocols opened/adjusted as stated in this Help Article here. Once these changes have been made, make sure you force close your Ring app before re-opening it and trying another setup. Walk through the same steps you have before, and ensure you are still typing in the correct password when prompted after selecting your home wifi network. In the event that this may still fail, try setting up the device from another phone or tablet with the Ring app. Let me know if we can get that Doorbell to fall back in love with you! :slight_smile: