Ring 2 goes offine consistently, can't reset - out of state

My Ring 2 doorbell consistently goes offline, leaving our home in Fl unprotected.
We installed the solar charger which keeps our battery steadily above 90%. We have an older ring at our home here that has never gone offline w the same speed and company for wifi. I have had xfinity check our service and they show no breaks or cutoffs.
The Ring came online as we pulled into the driveway last time w no other action, but I had a visitor push the doorbell earlier this month and it did not reset (this had worked before). The wifi has been in use while the Ring is offline. Very frustrated.

Likely it’s the WiFi connection with the Doorbell. Going through outside walls can be problematic for any WiFi device.
I’d recommend, just as an experiment, move your router or a WiFi access point to the other side of the wall from the doorbell and see if that works better.

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