Ring 2 Doorbell Shows online, Device Health shows connected - Live view/motions sense not working

Ring 2


Signal Strength = RSSI-65

Status Online

Last Healthcheck was 2:30 am yesterday

Firmware shows up to date

Updated the App

If I walk in front, the motion sensor triggers (lights up) but I cannot connect via my phone, Live View does not connect

Activating Device >> Failed to Connect

Hey @Sarcasual. It looks like your RSSI may be a little too higher, which can result in some video quality and loading concerns. Please check out our Community post here for more information on your RSSI readings and how to help reduce the number. :smiley_cat:

So the fix for my Ring 2 that has worked fine for a year is to buy an extra product. I think we can do better than to separate cash from my wallet to fix an item that was working 5 days ago.

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@Sarcasual For more in-depth troubleshooting, it’s best to start with our support team here first. They are able to take a deeper look into your device and your personal account to provide you with a quick and possibly alternative resolution. They can see into your history to provide a unique solution that works with your best interest in mind. Feel free to come back to the thread with what they were able to do for you so this can assist other neighbors that may come into the thread with a similar concern in the future! :slight_smile:

I have the ring doorbell 2 and the motion sensor is not working. My RSSI is 32. I have checked all my settings. It was working then stopped.

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