Ring 2 Doorbell needs recharging every few weeks

I am having new frustrations with my Ring 2 Doorbell. I’ve had this doorbell for about 1.5 years. Recently my charge has been diminishing rapidly. I charged my battery for the first time to 100% and now, a few weeks later, the charge is down to 55%. I don’t have any advanced motion sensing and have always kept my monitoring to a minimum. The trickle charge has always kept my battery operating at 99% or thereabouts. I don’t know what other options there are for keeping my battery charged longer. After researching online to see how long a Ring battery lasts, I read 6-12 months. This has certainly not been the case for me. My wifi is working (otherwise the Ring wouldn’t be operating). I have reset the wifi, and my router. What is happening? The customer service reps tell me exactly what I’ve already troubleshooted. And the weather has never affected my doorbell. I hope I don’t need to purchase a new doorbell. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hi @hstewart107. Battery drain can be attributed to the number of activations per day, as well as the signal strength of the device. Optimizing your doorbells motion detection is a great way to mitigate excess activations. This Community post here has some great tips and tricks for motion detection. Additionally, this Help Center article here has information on the trickle charge that hardwiring provides.

Another option would be to have a back up battery, which can be found here. I hope this information helps!