Ring 2 doorbell looses live view and enters setup mode automaticly

I use the doorbell a few Days but My ring doorbell suddenly loose live view and when i look at the Bell the wite leds are tuning so it’s in setup modus. If i check the app it shows it’s online and if i check health it’s connected.
If i choose change wifi, and take all the steps it reconnects with the network and works a few hours or Days. Really frustrating. There is 1 wall between the Bell and the router. The speedtest give around 50 download and 15 upload
Anybody a solution??

Hi @Hondaboy. I have removed your attachment as it had your MAC ID for your device listed. Please be weary of posting your private information on the forum. Although, taking from your screenshot of your device health page, it looks like your device’s RSSI may be the reason why you are running into this roadblock. Whenever you have a chance, please check our Community post about RSSI to learn more about why your RSSI may be affecting the doorbell’s live view here.

Tnx for the answer, indeed you’re right about my personal info.
I don’t think that’s the problem. I did several speedtest near the Bell and there more then good. If i give the results in the test is says it’s more than good. Also the app says it’s online. This afternoon it completly stopped working.