Ring 2 doorbell has a delay

I have the ring 2 doorbell, and it has had a delay from one someone is detected until it announces that someone is at the door. The UPS driver is back on his truck by the time I am notified that someone is at my door. I have had bell for at least 2 years so this is not a new problem but oine that is more noticebale with Covid lockdown.
It also loses the live view and I have to reconnect. It loses the live with a minute, and takes several seconds to reconnect. signal strength is RSSI -47; firmware is uptodate; the network speeds are download 22,53 mbps;upload 31.5; and the ping is ms. I have a vpn on phone can this cause the problem?

Hi @Kaptain. Your RSSI and networks speeds are sufficient for operation. A VPN, as mentioned in this Help Center article here, can be causing this issue. I suggesting turning it off for use with the Ring app. I would also try rebooting your router, to clear up any network congestion you may have. Let me know if this helps!

With respect, Tom, my own doorbell alerts me to the fact (via my phone vibration) that I have left my house, got in the car, put my seatbelt on, reversed out of my driveway, and driven 200 metres to the end of the road before getting round to doing so.

It does it every morning.

Alerts on my computer (through the app [sigh]) are more or less instantaneous if there is motion or a bell push.

My phone does not have a VPN. There is a delay with the push notifications on phones.

Hi @Sualdam. How long of a delay are you experiencing? Is this the same when you are on wifi and cellular data or is one faster than the other? Have you been able to replicate this on other devices? Thanks, neighbor.

It varies.

Sometimes, when I open my door and go outside, my phone vibrates immediately. Other times, it is as I said - the vibration occurs up to a minute or so later when I drive off and get to the end of my road. That happens almost every day.

The same delay when someone triggers the doorbell means they aren’t there when I open live view.

That doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen. Apparent phantom alerts as a result of this are relatively rare, but not unknown. It is hard to pin down because my morning experience isn’t identical to actual alerts throughout the day, complicated by the fact I’m not always at my PC using the desktop app to monitor them. I just know that occasionally I get an alert that the postman has been, but he isn’t there on live view.