Ring 2 Door Bell - Very Unreliable

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I have a Ring 2 door bell which is proving to be very unreliable whenever i want to check the camera. It does not connect for around 70% of the time i try. I get the ‘loading live’ view for a while before the error ‘could not open live view’ message.

My other wifi devices work fine around the home and my broadband connection tests have gone back strong and good too. I’ve also tried the connectivity test within the app and it always come back with success. The wifi test within the app is always positive also.

I’m at a lost as to what do next other than returning the device as faulty and not fit for purpose.

Any ideas?

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Sorry to hear about this @low610! Live view connection is often related to wifi signal strength, or RSSI. It sounds like you’ve checked your wifi thoroughly, and if the RSSI is also good, then the next best step is checking the mobile device connection. I recommend trying the following on your mobile device:

  • Close other apps running in the background.
  • disable bluetooth and VPN.
  • Test on wifi only, then on data only to see if one connection is better than the other.
  • Remove and reinstall the Ring app.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Good morning,

Many thanks for your reply. I will give this a try.

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Its due to their newest firmware they released and they refuse to acknowledge theres an issue. Its slowed down the device tremendously and doesnt even charge if you use the hardwired option. If you’re still within the return period I suggest you find a better product as these doorbells are now useless unless Ring puts out a fix.

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I have the ring doorbell 2, and I have to say it was a total waste of money, a very expensive doorbell that doesn’t deliver. I also pay the monthly fee which I will be cancelling, I was considering purchasing the indoor and outdoor cameras, but I won’t be going ahead with that purchase now after my experience with the doorbell.

Same here for at least a few months. One thing I did notice this morning is that our devices have no problems showing the live view of our doorbells when configuring/changing the motion zones. No delay or timeout errors. Has anyone else noticed this?

No sorry Ring community manager, seems to me you are just making excuses up now, why do you feel you have to blame the wi fi all the time. I spent nearly 2 hours today on the phone to ring with regards to having no 2way audio and again they tried to blame the wi fi signal, but then admitted there’s a fault with the bell, these doorbells are just a load of rubbish.

I’ve had no problems with my doorbell 2. All works perfectly fine.