Ring 2 detection range


I recently purchased a Ring 2 and after installation, I can’t get any motion detection out past 2-3 feet day or night. The height is correct, Wifi signal is -66 and 30 mbs speed at doorbell.

I’ve tried different wedges, zone settings, etc and nothing seems to effect it. Can’t tell if it’s the sensors or just delayed notifications. The doorbell part works fine.

I’ll attach some captures of the setup. Thanks

Hey @goob1! With an RSSI of -66 there may be times where connections are delayed. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on how to improve signal strength.

If this does not improve motion detection at night, increasing the sensitivity and zones to maximum might help as well. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley. I purchased one of the Chime Pros after talking to tech support and my RSSI is 43-45 now. They said the camera appeared fine. I’m still having problems with motion detection. It will not detect a person walking up my sidewalk until they are around 3 feet from the camera. It will sometimes detect a cat out around 14 feet. Has no problems detecting cars 40-50 ft out

I’ve attached a photo of the curent view. I’ve experimented with the sensitivity settings using the street and no street but nothing seems to really effect it. The green plant on he left is 14 ft away from the camera and it will not pick up person there even if they are walking at a 90 degree angle to the camera. I’ve seen lots of videos with these cameras mounted in similar conditions that work fine. I’m really at wits end. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Thank you for exploring these options, and for exhausting many troubleshooting steps! I appreciate your patience with this matter. The example is great, immediately I do see there is a step up to the entry way. While this seems minor, it actually will change the mounting height of the Doorbell from the recommended 48 inches, to a higher position in comparison to things at the sidewalk. For perpendicular mounting, and steps, we recommend testing different physical angles. Check out this Community post to learn about motion field of view and how Wedge or Corner Kits can help. :slight_smile:

Hi Marley, Sorry for the delay in responding. I think I had already read that article. I made some more changes, specifically adding a adjustable corner bracket to get the camera to a roughly 45 degree angel off of the wall and a angle bracket facing it down. Camera is 48 inches up. This gives me the desired position and field of view. I have tried angling up and down both ways as well as the standard corner wedge.

Look at the photos I’ve attached and let me explain what it is doing now.

There is no step at the porch. There is a 3 inch slope from the porch to the green bush on the left which is 14 feet away from the camera

It very seldom catches anything in the yard out past the green bush. It will catch someone pushing the mower obviously because of the heat but not the same person walking the same path without the mower. It has pretty well stopped catching cars since it was angled down. The far side of the street is roughly 60 ft away from the camera.

Right now it triggers on someone walking up to the door 4-6 feet from the camera. It will trigger at the front of the green bush if the subject (person or cat) is walking cross ways to the camera.

I’m an television engineer so I understand the concepts here. It really gives me the impression that it has a problem seeing out past the two bushes for cross movement unless there is a really hot spot and has a really limited range coming straight at the camera. All the repositioning I’ve done has had very little effect as well as the different ranges or using the facing a street settings. RSSI is 43-46 and I have the Ring chime for the WiFi.

Do I need to add another regular motion sensing camera?

Ring.zip (465 KB)