Ring 1 ran out of batteries and now gone bonkers


I bought an original Ring video doorbell from Bunnings. I set it up, and went and got a wifi extender. I installed that, and got it set up on both mine and my wife’s phones. It was all working perfectly.

The unit eventually ran out of batteries. I left it for a while coz I couldn’t find the tool to get the screws out again to get it off the wall so I could charge it. Eventually I found it, charged it, and reinstalled it.

Getting it started again was a drama trying to get it to connect to the internet but eventually we got there.

Now, this is where it gets weird.

The Ring will now send motion alerts to my wife’s phone but not mine. She cannot connect to the camera at all. She does not get an alert when someone actually rings the doorbell.

On my phone, I get no notifications whatsoever, but I can connect to the camera, but only from work and only on my mobile data. I cannot connect when I’m at home, either on the home wi-fi of on my mobile data.

Any thoughts? All help very appreciated.


Hey @thehavengc! The first best step here would be to uninstall and reinstall the application on both phones. This will ensure the app is integrated optimally with your mobile device and allow you to check for any updates.

Upon reinstalling, please also ensure that yourself and shared users are logging in with the necessary account information. Once the above is confirmed, test a couple of events to see if this experience improved. I recommend also optimizing motion setting and notifications in the Ring app, as well as disabling any bluetooth or VPN connections on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: