Ring 1 Doorbell Removal Screw just Spins

So I go to loosen the removal screws on my Ring 1 Doorbell to charge it. One screw loosens and the other just spins. Now what do I do to take the Ring off of it’s mount?

I got the doorbell off of the mount and the issue is that there’s a threaded insert in the bottom of the doorbell that the mounting screw threads through. This threaded insert came loose and spins with the screw so it won’t actually loosen hence it keeps the doorbell from being removed to re-charge it. Does anyone know of a fix for this or am I S.O.L.?

Sorry to hear about this, @WapsiRat! If the screw thread assembly is no longer anchored to allow the unthreading, it may indeed be stuck in there. Some things you could try to get that screw removed is needle nose pliers to hold the assembly in place so that the screw unthreads. I’ve also seen neighbors use grip objects like rubber or a rubber band that can help to grip, turn, and pull the screw out.

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