Ring 1 doorbell backplate - pinout available?

I have a Ring 1 doorbell that I had out of active service for a while. Re-using now. It works fine on battery, but it’s not working with a transformer attached to the screw terminals on the backplate. I used this same Ring, backplate, and brand of transformer a year ago (before I replaced it with a Ring Pro).

The transformer is putting out 24VAC which should be fine. But it’s apparently not getting to the actual Ring doorbell. I’m assuming the voltage from the two screw terminals gets passed to (at least) two of the 12 (3 rows of 4) contact pads. A continuity test with my DVM found 3 pads that map to one of the screw terminals. But I couldn’t find where the other screw terminal passes it’s voltage to.

Is there a pinout available that shows what contact pad(s) each of the screw terminals are tied to? I guess the backplate could go bad. I’d rather just confirm that via testing, vs just assuming it is because it’s not working.



I think I might have figured out my issue (and found a new one).

It looks like at least on the backplate I have, where the screws are, there’s a brass circular pad there. THAT does have connectivity to the rectangular pads above (that connect to back of the Ring doorbell). But the silver screws, even when screwed in, don’t make great (at the least, consistent) electrical contact.

I was more focused on having the transformer wire wrap around the screw (what I normal do for screw connections). When I realized it was the circular pad that was the actual (at least better) contact point, I made sure the wire loop of the wire was wider, so that the screw was pressing the wire to as much of the contact ring as possible. That seems to have solve the problem!

After the initial post, I ordered a “Ring 1 parts kit”. It included a new backplate. The electric connections at the screws were better than my original backplate. That was great! But then it wouldn’t slide onto the back of the doorbell. No matter how hard I tried, no dice. It looks like the top set of J-hooks on the backplate (which lock the backplate to the doorbell) aren’t as deep. Maybe a manufacturing defect?

I think I’m good for now though with my original one.


Hi @jwhite4. If this is the Spare Parts kit you ordered, all of the pieces should be compatible with the original Ring Video Doorbell, including the mounting bracket. You’re welcome to contact our support team regarding this to see if there is an issue with the mounting bracket, or if you need a different spare parts kit.