Rind doorbell transfer

The ring video doorbell that came with the house We bought was unusable for a while and finally the gentleman former owner pitched in to call support and ensure we could transfer.

Until such time the device behaved exactly as expected and documented - would essentially stop at setup since it was pre assigned.

Once the transfer was successful, the hardware though is in good shape, now doesn’t enter setup mode and prevents me taking ownership. In the immediate step after transfer - I realized there was an over the air update that device underwent.

I called support only to be told that they can support this since it’s a older device and sold me a discount to buy new hardware. I can tell with a fair degree of certainty, that the device capability has been overridden / modified to prevent from being used. This is nothing short of a scamming - will never use a ring device - watch out folks.

Hi @Araman. If the Ring Video Doorbell does not have an active WiFi connection, it is not possible for the device to receive any update. The device ownership process releases the device from the current owner, so the new owner can set it up. I would disconnect this device from power for 10 minutes, then reconnect it to power and attempt setup again. I hope this helps.

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