Rind Doorbell 2 - not always notifying someone is standing in front of it.

Hi Folks,

Ring Doorbell 2 customer here, while most of the time its working fine notifying even about cars and other objects, from time to time its not notifying about people standing in front of it even for a while like amazon deliveries and instacart deliveries (today for instance the lady dropping of the shopping parked the car in front of the camera, and did 6 runs to the car bringing the items to the door - everything is in front of the camera)

Wifi is perfect.

Power is perfect.


Hi @Onlyktm! This sounds like it may be related to motion settings. Our battery powered Video Doorbells come with a motion frequency feature which is intended to preserve battery in high traffic areas. In the motion settings, your Ring app, please ensure motion frequency is set to frequent.

If this setting is set to light or standard, there may be a pause between motion events capturing in order to preserve battery, whereas “frequent” will ensure back to back motions are captured. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you but that’s not the case.

It looks like I was able to recreate it.

If the person coming to the door is there for a short period of time (like amazon shipping) the ring doesn’t alert/see that in the recorded items, if you stand there more than 1-2 seconds it does.

How can i change it?t