Right angle mount for Video Doorbell Pro 2

Is there a right angle mount for the Doorbell Pro 2? The existing doorbell is perpendicular to the door.

The “corner mount” on the Ring store is only 30 degrees, which doesn’t seem enough of an angle.

@ddho The image is fairly wide angle so you may find the corner mount sufficient. You don’t want it too extreme as you could end up cutting off usable video or picking up parts of the wall etc.

the current doorbell points directly at a wall, so I think I need at least 45 degrees of adjustment

@ddho Its just going to be trial and error to get the best set up. I haven’t looked for a while but there were always a lot of 3rd party angled mounts sold on places like amazon and ebay etc which allowed various different angles to be set. Not official Ring products and I don’t know if any out for the pro 2 yet. I would give the included mount a go and then take it from there if you need it further angled.