Right 24v Transformer for Ring

Hi Community,

I am living in the Netherlands and I want to know which Ring doorbel I can connect to this transformer. It’s an ABB AC 24v (VAC) TS25/12-24 with 1.04ampere
The doorbell will be direct connected without a Chime.

From what I read is that I can safely connect an Ring Pro, but I want to be sure about this.
Can you help me / perhaps have a same setup with this transformer which you like to share?


Hi @jketels. This link here will direct you to the product page for the Ring Pro. You’ll be able to see the exact power requirements for this Doorbell. The transformer should be 8-24 VAC, max. 40 VA, 50/60 Hz. From the picture you provided, it looks like your transformer is 24 VAC-25 VA, which is sufficient for the Ring Pro. I hope this information helps!