Ridiculous Orange Banner begging for purchase / upgrade

Ok, it needs to stop. It was bad enough when I decided to self-monitor a second location and you continually nagged me to purchase a protection plan by throwing up that outrageous orange banner at the bottom of the screen every time I opened the app. I didn’t like it when the Customer Service rep said that is the way your system is designed, to see someone doesn’t have a plan, and notify them. But I accepted it.

But now that I have purchased the Basic $4/mo protection plan to have video recording on one device, you STILL are putting the banner up, but now begging me to upgrade?

That is an absolutely horrendously pushy sales tactic that is beyond irritating to me as a customer and consumer. No other app that I have seen does that ONCE YOU PURCHASE THE PRODUCT, even if it is the lower-cost version. It needs to stop. Give us a way to permanently dismiss the banner. There is no reason on earth for that not to go away.