Rich Notification

Does anyone know when the rich notification issues will be resolved, it’s been down for a while now?


I’m surprised there has been no communication and updates on if the problem has even been identified after 4 days like other issues will show. I would like to know if the problem has even been found as it has decreased the value of paying for a plan and owning devices greatly.


Agreed, normally issues are quick to be resolved but seems they are leaving this one out of their repairs. An update would be nice for such a useful feature.

And it is affecting solar devices too so you would think they wouldn’t be classified as “battery”.


A quick search on found this: which shows an overview of all system and service statuses (including the status of Rich Notifications).

You can also subscribe to receive Rich Notifications system status updates!


There has been no update in a week. Defeats the purpose.


Agreed. No communication at all from ring. And it’s been down since before aug 5
I believe !!!


Thanks but I’ve already done that, it was the first thing I did before being prompted to join the ring community. There’s been no correspondence or updates about it being resolved at all.

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Notifications without a snapshot are worthless. It’s been a week now and no update. Need to start looking at an alternative to Ring.


Without Rich Notifications the Ring is pretty useless !! It was one of the main reasons I bought it !! Why is it still down and why are we not being kept up to date ???


Hi neighbors. There are no new updates at this time. Rest assured, we are still working to correct this. To stay up to date, check the solution for this post to find out how to subscribe to updates. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this.

I totally agree. This is one of the features I am paying a monthly fee for.


BTW, this isn’t just for battery power devices. Rich notifications are disabled for all devices. They should update their status to reflect that.


I see see it says Battery,My Doorbell is wired and I’m having the same problem. Will they fix the wired ones too?

You’re right. My doorbell is wired and I’m having the same problem

This is a pretty useless device to me w/o rich notifications. I’m going to cancel my service if this continues. It’s been broken forever!

Hi neighbors, you should be receiving your Rich Notifications again. Thank you for your patience while our team worked to resolve this. Please follow the instructions below to make sure everything is turned on correctly in your app for you to receive Rich Notifications and you should be good to go!

  • Open the main menu in your Ring mobile app in the top left corner.
  • Select Devices and choose which Doorbell or Cam you would like to update this feature on.
  • In your device settings select Rich Notifications and toggle the feature On or Off.

Thank you again for your patience!

I stopped receiving rich notifications again today.

Is ruch notification not working today? I didn’t receive any pick in the notification for android