Rich Notification iOS 15

I upgraded to iOS 15 last week. Once done the rich notification feature isn’t working. I used to watch the snapshot of the activity within the notification bar. Now I have to open the application as if there is no snapshot attached to the notification. It could be new configuration need to be added to the app or the iOS. Any suggestion?

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Same here. Notification simply stopped pushing the moment I upgraded to IOS15

Hi Neighbors! What version of the Ring app do you have installed? When you experience these issues, are you on wifi or cellular data? Also, try toggling off the Rich Notifications Feature, then toggling it back on. Let me know this information when you have time. Thank you!

Same here since ios15 no snapshot photos on notifications.

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I turned rich notifications off then back on. Still do not get rich notifications on the Lock Screen.

However, if I get the notification as a banner, I can pull the notification down and get the snapshot along with the 30 min/1hour snooze options.

Again, no snapshot or “Ring” native snooze options while on the Lock Screen (I specify “native” because there is a snooze option but it is specifically for the notification itself. All apps have this new iOS notification snooze option).

Found the fix:
In the old iOS, to view the snapshot, you would swipe left and click view. Now, in ios 15, you long press the notification to view the snapshot and snooze device motion notifications.

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