Rewiring old Brinks keypad with 8 wires to Ring keypad

Hi everyone! I have an old Brinks keypad that has two main wires that each break apart into four wires each coming into the keypad (see photo). I bought the dc/dc converter also in picture. Questions… 1. Is this the correct converter that I need? 2. Do I combine the two black wires from the old system with the black wire from the converter together and then the two red wires from old system to the red wire from the converter together? 3. What do I do with the other wires? (blue yellow brown and green ones) I wasn’t expecting all these extra wires compared to other similar posts. Thank you so much for your help!

You’ll only need to use two of the original wires to provide power. The rest of the wires were most likely to provide data communication between the main panel and the keypad.

Look at the main panel and determine which colored wires are providing power to the keypad. It’s most likely a black and red wire. There may be a schematic diagram on the inside door of the panel that shows which wires provide power to the keypads.

In addition, you’ll need to ensure the panel is providing DC power and not AC power. The adapter you have is expecting DC power to convert down to 5V DC power.