Reviews for Stick camera battery 0n Amazon


Was going to buy a spare battery to keep charged but now appalled to read they only last 6-12 months ( in literature one review said) and some reviews said weeks !

The negative reviews on Amazon about buying a spare battery are terrible and one 5* review mentioned the latest batteries sold on Amazon has issues fitting as seem to be made by a different manufacturer !

My son has this installed in the USA and the picture quality is great hence ordering 5 cameras for ourselves but really put off by the battery comments

Comments welcome please

Hi @monet208. The battery life that you experience will depend on a few factors. One factor is the amount of events that your Stick Up Cam experiences per day. The other, is the RSSI of your Stick Up Cam. Typically, a fully charged battery will last for around 800-1,000 events. The more events your Stick Up Cam experiences, the more battery drain you will see. The RSSI (wifi signal strength) also plays a part in this. The lower the RSSI number, the harder your Stick Up Cam will work during these events, which will cause the battery to drain faster that a device with a higher RSSI. These 2 facors combined will determine how long your battery will last. Our Ring Quick-Release Battery can be found here and fit all our our battery operated devices.