Reviewing recording issue

I have a flood light, doorbell, 1 battery stick up cam and two hardwire stick up cams. Both of the hardwire stick up cams, when trying to go to review recordings and slide the slide bar, as soon as I slide to the latest motion recording, it skips to the beginning of the day. All the other cams, including battery powered stick up cam do not do this. If I go into the camera settings and select motion events, I can view them fine. Seems like a bug. Hoping to get this fixed.

To add, I don’t think this is happening on all phones/devices. On mine where I notice it, the app is up to date, and I did try deleting the app and reinstalling. I have changed nothing in the system, either hardware or software. I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with latest app version

Hi @Golovemd. Thank you for sharing this information. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. When we have an update regarding this concern, we will make sure to provide it here. Thank you for your time and patience.

It’s been a couple weeks. Can I please get an update on this? Reviewing any motion events is painful

Hi @Golovemd. We don’t have an update to share at this time.