Review Floodlight activity

Is there a way to see why the floodlights came on, when there was not motion alert? Wondering if someone has hacked into cameras and is turning on the lights someohow. No video loged for the time. For instance I woke up around 1:30 in the morning, our side floodlight came on for about a minute or so, no alert or video log for the that time and that camera.

Thank you

I just installed floodlight cam and had same issue.
It’s no hacker. Light sensor different than camera sensors.
I wish the lights coming on showed in history. I have no idea if the light sensitivity is too aggressive.

There is an option to tell it how long to keep light on

Hey neighbors! You may also find this help article to be useful to learn more about the motion detection and lights on your Floodlight Cam. Hope this helps!