Return Policy is Very Poor

I learned today from customer service that in the event that my internet service goes down that the base station will automatically reset within fifteen minutes. After that time I must manually reset it. If I don’t, my alarm service will only be active for 24 hours. This is unacceptable for a property that I am frequently away from for days or weeks at a time. The Ring return policy with full refund is only good for 30 days. Due to medical complications in my home I was not able to install and activate my system until 40 days after purchase. Ring tells me that I cannot receive a full refund even though my system has only been active for 9 days. INFERIOR RETURN POLICY. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Hi @GeriReinardy. This doesn’t sound accurate. In the event of an internet outage, your Base Station will go into Cellular Backup. It will remain in Cellular Backup until your internet connection is restored. If there is a complete power outage, your Base Station will go into Cellular Backup and it will get its power from your Backup Battery, which lasts about 24 hours. If the power is not restored and the Backup Battery is depleted, you may need to reboot your Base Station to restore it’s connection once power and wifi are available. You can learn more about this feature in the Help Center article here.

Information about our Return Policy can be found here. I understand there may be extenuating circumstances, so I would suggest reaching out to our support team and speaking to a supervisor. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.