Retrofit kit

Hi I’m looking to purchase the retrofit for my new home. House is pre wired for window sensors (no alarm system company) can you tell me if I can hook up the retrofit kit

Please see pictures , thanks

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I purchased the retrofit and 14 piece securty system. Right now no one knows how to install the retrofit unless there was a old security system already. Thats the problem I am having.

I just did this. My house was prewired though no security system was ever connected to it so just the sensor wires ran to the panel.

First you would need to determine if there are actually contact sensors in the Windows and doors already. The house could be pre-wired but only the wiring and not the sensors. If you have sensors then it’s a matter of connecting the wires in your panel to the screw terminals on the retrofit kit and adding the retrofit kit in the Ring app.

If you don’t have sensors at the end of the wires then you’ll need to add them. This was my scenario. You can check with a multimeter. If you followed along so far then you may be able to DIY.

So we do have the sensors that connect at the end of the wire. We just do not have the resistor/contact sensor or magnet. I see the one ring sells for the windows but the sensors for the doors are in between the doors and I wouldn’t know sensor to put in between there. I used the Ring On Tech service and the guy said you had to had a security system with Brinks or ADT first before I can use this. He didnt know how to install it for a new house. He was also saying I may have to get another retrofit for it to work properly. I have asked a few installers and they are not sure what retrofit is. Maybe next year I can get it installed in my house.

Little unclear since you said you do have contact sensors at the end of the wire but then you said you don’t. It sounds like you do not. You can search on Amazon for them. I bought them somewhere else. In my case they were 3/8" magnetic contact sensors. I just added one at the end of each wire after removing the plugs they placed during preinstall. An alarm installer would almost certainly know what to do if you pointed them at the retrofit docs on the Ring site if you’d rather not tackle it yourself.

I have the sensors on the end of the wire. I do not have the sensor to the other side that would be moving. I went through Ring’s On Tech service and they said these are so new they where not sure about New construction houses that have prewire. Maybe I just got a bad tech. It cost $100 and now I have to send the retrofit back.

The piece on the door and window is just a magnet, not a sensor. However if you haven’t checked yet, I’d suggest you pull a sensor as it likely it’s not a sensor at all but just a plug. In prewire they usually expend as little labor as possible and don’t install sensors. They just drill for them and tie the wire to a plug so it’s easy for them when they come back. If you really do have the sensors then just order some small magnets and you are good to go.

Here is the pre-wire for the windows. The one for the door will be the tricky one.

Looks like you have the contact but not the magnet. Door is most likely a plunger type, so no need for magnet.