Retrofit kit zones show in history but don't trigger alarm

I see my Retrofit Kit and each of the zones in the “Alarm Devices” section, and the zones all appear to activate correctly; opening a door in a zone chirps, and appears in the event history. The problem is, they have no effect on the alarm system, and do not trigger the alarm while in Home or Away mode. The help center article suggests checking the Settings > Modes > Away > Sensors list, but neither the retrofit it nor any of the zones appear in the list.
Am I misunderstanding how the retrofit kit is supposed to work? It seems to be doing everything correctly EXCEPT triggering the alarm, which is its main purpose.

Hi @skgrng. In the Ring app, go to your Devices Menu, select the Base Station under the Security tab, then select your RetroFit Kit. From there you can select Mode Settings and determine when the zone is open. This screenshot below will show you what to look for.